Hawt lesson in wild seduction

Hawt lesson in wild seduction

” She said it as though she were spitting poison. It wasn’t that he was physically imposing, for I was sure I could’ve killed him a hundred different ways with just my hands; it was his talent with people that made him deadly. “Yeah, they look good…”

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Description: Hawt lesson in wild seduction

He smirked to himself, seeing her in her unflattering robes, but knowing that underneath she was wearing the g-string he found the previous night. Down below, two people had appeared in the water. Hank pulled into the parking lot just as Sarah felt her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. His very soul rejoiced at the pleasure he felt and the energy he derived from it. Although, now that I thought about it, I couldn’t remember having told her about my triumphant tit for tat.

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